Why Buy Special Event Coverage for your Wedding?

Why is Coverage so Important?

  • Protect your Homeowner’s Policy/ Renter’s Policy
    • Don’t take the chance of reducing your limits due to a claim at your wedding.
  • The venue is requiring you to carry your own General Liability and Liquor Liability Insurance and your Homeowner’s Policy will not provide the high limits required by the facility or sponsor, and/or will not add an additional insured to the policy.
  •  Homeowner’s Policy may cap their Host Liquor Liability limit at $300,000 or exclude host liquor completely.
  •  Personal Umbrella Policy may contain a Liquor Liability exclusion.

Claim Examples

  •  General Liability- Claimant attended a wedding and got food poisoning resulting in medical bills totaling $8,500.
  • General Liability- A guest at a wedding damaged white carpet when they spilled a glass of red wine. Property owner sued for property damages totaling $5,400.
  • General Liability- A guest at a wedding slipped on a spilled drink while dancing. She suffered a severe knee injury and several surgeries later her medical bills totaled $145,000.
  • Liquor Liability- A minor was served alcohol at insureds wedding reception. After leaving the reception, the minor got into his car, lost control of his vehicle and struck a telephone pole. Claimant suffered severe facial lacerations and sued the bride and groom and the venue for illegal service to a minor. Medical bills totaled $275,000.

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