Why Buy Special Event Insurance?

A Few Reasons Why Coverage Is Important:

  • ¬†Protect your current policy – don’t take the chance of reducing your limits due to a Special Event claim
  • Your current policy may not provide high enough limits required by the venue or sponsor
  • Venue or sponsor is requiring a certificate of insurance named as an additional insured to the policy
  • Peace of Mind!

Claims Examples:

  • General Liability: Claimant attended a golf tournament and tripped over a sprinkler head. Claimant suffered a fractured kneecap, and needed reconstructive surgery. Medical bills totaled $40,000.
  • General Liability: Insured was holding a basketball tournament, during the game the gymnasium floor was damaged. The property owner sued for the property damages totaling $35,200.
  • Liquor Liability: A guest was drinking heavily at a holiday party hosted by the insured. While driving home, she lost control of her vehicle and hit a tractor-trailer head on. The driver of the truck suffered severe injuries. The truck driver brought suit against the host of the party for negligence in serving the intoxicated guest. The driver’s injuries totaled $300,000.

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