About Barker-Uerlings

Barker-Uerlings Insurance, Inc., has been serving customers in the Pacific Northwest since 1911. In January 2018, Oregon Business Magazine recognized our firm as the 3rd largest Commercial Insurance Agency in the Willamette Valley and 16th in the state. We are licensed insurance agents and consultants in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California. Our total annual written premium is in excess of $22 million. The Corvallis Chamber of Commerce awarded us the 2017 Business of the Year.

Barker-Uerlings is owned by Steve Uerlings and has an experienced staff of 19 professionals with the knowledge to design, place and manage all your insurance needs and provide you with consulting and advice on managing your organizational risks. We have an outstanding record of client service with the Oregon Insurance Division.

Barker-Uerlings is a full service agency with the capability to serve all areas of personal and business insurance including:

  • Property and Casualty
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Fidelity and Surety Bonds
  • Employee Benefits
  • Insurance & Risk Management Consulting

The Barker-Uerlings agency has developed the resources to handle the risk management requirements of all types of public entities. We serve as Insurance Agent of Record for 15 Cities, Counties, School Districts, Community Colleges, Oregon PUDs, Transit Districts, and Rural Fire Districts along with other consortiums and smaller districts. In addition we are members of ARMGroup of Oregon, a network of 16 insurance agencies that specialize in Oregon Public Entities. Combined we are the Agent of Record for over 150 entities.

Our Staff:


Steve Uerlings, CIC, ARM, CRM:  President   – 541-368-3308                      steve@barkeruerlings.com

Kristi Hart: Senior Vice President, Life & Health Agent – 541-368-3311          kristi@barkeruerlings.com

Deidre Thede:  Chief Operations Officer, Account Manager- Business Insurance – 541-368-3314 deidre@barkeruerlings.com

Billie Gangle: Senior Account Manager- Business Insurance Department Manager – 541-368-3303 billie@barkeruerlings.com

Business Insurance

Steve Uerlings, CIC, ARM, CRM: President

Billie Gangle: Senior Account Manager- Business Insurance (Department Manager)

Deidre Thede:  Chief Operations Officer, Account Manager- Business Insurance

Denise Gall, CIC, AU: Account Manager- Business Insurance – 541-368-3302 denise@barkeruerlings.com

Cindy Wibbens, CIC, AU, AIS: Account Manager- Business Insurance – 541-368-3019 cindy@barkeruerlings.com

Sherri Strandy, CISR: Account Manager- Business Insurance – 541-368-3300 sherri@barkeruerlings.com

Natasha Saunders: Account Manager – Business Insurance – 541-368-3319 natasha@barkeruerlings.com

Personal Insurance

Kristi Tanner-Miller : Account Manager/ Dept. Coordinator- Personal Insurance – 541-368-3309 ktannermiller@barkeruerlings.com

Deb Hermansen, CISR, CPIW, DAE: Account Manager- Personal Insurance – 541-368-3024 deb@barkeruerlings.com

Shayna Eberlei: Account Manger – Personal Insurance – 541-368-3020     shayna@barkeruerlings.com



Life & Health

Kristi Hart: Senior Vice President, Senior Account Executive- Life, Health, and Employee Benefits
(Department Manager)

Shari Attebery: Account Manager  –  Employee Benefits – 541-368-3313 shari@barkeruerlings.com

Barb Butler: – Individual Health and Medicare Agent  –   541-368-3307 barbb@barkeruerlings.com

LeAnn Kennedy, REBC: Account Executive- Live, Health, and Employee Benefits – 541-368-3021 leann@barkeruerlings.com

Karen Selander:  Individual Health and Medicare Agent – 541-368-3316 karens@barkeruerlings.com

Lynn Bos: Account Executive- Life, Health, and Employee Benefits – 541-368-3315 lynn@barkeruerlings.com

Elizabeth Huddleston: Account Manager- Employee Benefits – 541-368-3312  elizabeth@barkeruerlings.com

Danielle Ficek: Individual Health Agent   –    541-368-3026                       danielle@barkeruerlings.com


Amanda Robbins: Administrative Accounting Specialist – 541-368-3318 amanda@barkeruerlings.com